"Our employees are nothing short of amazing. Every day, we see concrete examples of how we are transforming lives and enriching communities through moment-by-moment interactions with parents, families, and co-workers. It isn’t great buildings or helpful supplies, though these all are important and essential to the work that we do. The primary reason we make such an impact is because of our talented professionals who practice their passion every day."
-Thea Reigler
Chief People Officer

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By referring your contacts, you can earn honorary points that help you become a referral rock star. Your points will distinguish how you stack up against other employees in your department/school, location, and the company. Not only could it give you some serious bragging rights, but it could make you eligible for special recognition throughout the year.

To take part, simply go to the Refer & Earn Portal homepage to check out the available jobs. From there, you can refer a person to a specific job and/or share it with your entire network. Any action you take earns you points. Plus, you’ll be earning more points from the first contact until they are hired.

Refer to the breakdown below to get a better understanding of how points are awarded. Please keep in mind that your referral points cannot be redeemed for monetary awards or prizes.

**Please note that these points are separate from the referral bonuses under the Incentive and Rewards button on the homepage.

Activity Points
Account Activated 15
Direct Referral Made 6
General Referral Made 5
Candidate clicks apply through your trackable link 3
Someone visited your personal link 2
Your referral is hired 75

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